If you're looking for something to do this weekend that involves that buttery heaven in a popcorn container and paying $10 for a small drink, then boy do we have a list for you!

New Movies In SWLA This Weekend:

1.  "Rocketman"  (R)

Taron Egerton stars as Elton John and he does all of his own singing in the movie.

It starts with Elton talking about his life in an alcoholics anonymous meeting and covers his struggles launching his career as Reginald Dwight, his sexual relationship with his manager John Reid, and his partnership with songwriter Bernie Taupin.

Charles Dance from "Game of Thrones" kidnaps a scientist who's developed a device to communicate with monsters like Mothra and Rodan.  But when their experiments wake up King Ghidorah, they need Godzilla to stop him and the other monsters.

3.  "Ma"  (R)

Octavia Spencer stars in this horror thriller about a lonely woman who buys a group of teenagers some booze and lets them party at her house.  Then things start getting crazy as she becomes violently obsessive and possessive of them.


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