Follow your nose as the smell of buttered popcorn lures you into a SWLA theater to watch a new movie like a siren's song.

New Movies In SWLA Theaters This Weekend:

1.  "Dark Phoenix"  (PG-13)

Sophie Turner from "Game of Thrones" returns as Jean Grey.  She's a powerful mutant with telekinetic powers who unleashes her Phoenix alter-ego on her fellow X-Men after she's hit by a solar flare while on a rescue mission to save some astronauts.

Patton Oswalt takes over as Max, the Jack Russell Terrier voiced by Louis C.K. in the first movie.  In this one, his owner gets married, has a kid, and takes him on a roadtrip.  Harrison Ford is a farm dog who helps Max get over his fears, and Tiffany Haddish plays a Shih Tzu who tells the rabbit to rescue a tiger cub from the circus.

3.  "Late Night"  (R)

Emma Thompson is a late-night talk show host who adds Mindy Kaling to her staff merely as an affirmative action hire.  And quickly relies on her to revitalize her career after the network threatens to replace her with someone younger for better ratings.


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