As if the 7 OTs weren't enough, an incident after the LSU-Texas A&M game continues to make headlines.

The narrative of a post-game scuffle up to this point has been:

  • Nephew of Jimbo Fisher, Cole Fisher, punches LSU analyst Steve Kragthorpe (who has Parkinson's).
  • Former LSU running back and director of player development Kevin Faulk intervenes.
  • Fisher scuffles with Faulk briefly before they are both pulled away.

Now, new video has surfaced via the Houston Chronicle and sheds a little more light on the details of the altercation.

It appears that Fisher's blow to Kragthorpe was less of a punch and more of a shove, but for some reason, the video is only shown in slow motion, so it's easy for it to look a lot less violent. To quote one commenter, assault is assault and Fisher clearly looked at Kragthorpe before shoving him backward with his right arm.

Remember, Krapthorpe told USA Today that he got "nailed" "out of nowhere."

I didn't go down, but I clutched over. I was like 'Damn, he got me right in my pacemaker.' Then it started fluttering like he jostled it.

A statement from the Texas A&M University Police provided more details.

A Whelan events employee approached an officer following the A&M v. LSU game late Saturday to report that a man with a pacemaker had been punched in the chest. The employee walked the UPD officer over to the victim, who initially said he was hit but later retracted the statement. He said he was not struck and did not want to press charges, nor would he offer any details about the incident. The officer asked the man if he needed to call a paramedic and be examined; the man declined medical attention.

An LSU senior associate athletic director tweeted that Kragthorpe underwent an EKG and was checked out by EMTs in the LSU locker room, declining to press charges and making it clear that he wasn't hit in the face.

What we do see in another new video is that LSU safety John Battle was involved, punching Fisher after he took swings at Kevin Faulk.

Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher has acknowledged the altercation.

I want to assure that the matter has been addressed internally with my staff members and we will continue to demand that our program conduct itself in a manner that meets the values and expectations of this great university.

The university is still reviewing the incident.

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