Before I get started on this story about the new lighting at the station, I just want you to know that it’s pretty damned hard to take a picture of a light bulb and have it come out looking like anything.

Now, I realize I could turn the light off and take the picture, but the point of the story is just that we have insanely bright lights now and a picture with the lights turned off wouldn’t give you any idea about how bright these lights are.

This all started several weeks ago when “various people” around the office began to complain that all the offices were a bit dim. I agreed, because I thought they were referring to some of the people in the offices. (insert laughter here) But enough about that. We had your standard florescent lights and nobody likes florescent lights. Finally, I guess enough people complained about the lack of light in the offices that our home office took notice.

To their credit, our parent corporation ponied up a bunch of money and replaced every single bulb in the house. There was a real flurry of activity around the station because not three days later, some electricians showed up. I won’t tell you which electric company we used, MISTER.

Let me step out of this story for a minute and tell you that, I couldn't care less what kind of lighting we have. Now, I’m no interior decorator, but, for my money, you can’t beat track lighting in a radio station, but nobody asked me.

Well, anyway, getting back to the story, these guys came in and changed every single light in the building over to LED. It took a couple of days to change out every single light in the building, but, as soon as they had changed out all the bulbs, they turned on the lights. Suddenly, every office and every hallway was transformed into a brightly lit room. It was so bright that it put me to mind of the light that must have come from the angel of the Lord who rolled away the stone. I mean it was bright.

No, seriously, I could have sold sunscreen to everyone. It didn’t take long before everyone was complaining that it was now too bright. After all, one shouldn’t have to squint indoors because it’s too bright.

Well, it was back to the drawing board and our parent corporation ponied up some more money to install dimmer switches so that the light could be adjusted down just a little. That little move seemed to satisfy everyone involved, but I couldn’t help but notice something as I walked down the halls today.

It seems that the dimmer switches were a big hit and now, and everyone’s office is just as dark as it was before the complaining started. For my part, I enjoy messing with everyone’s lighting. There’s nothing like waiting until someone steps out of their office for a bit and going in and adjusting their lights up or down. They fall for it every time.

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