School zones are always strictly enforced and with good reason. Now they will be a little safer as cell phone and mobile device use has been banned in school zones by state law.

School Bus
getty images/ Spencer Platt

So you are dropping off your kids at S.P. Arnett, Cypress Cove Elementary  or Barbe High School and your cell phone rings. Do not answer it! You can call them back when you are out of the school zone and safely parked. According to WWL the new state law prohibits the use of any wireless device for engaging in a voice call, accessing, reading or posting to a social media site and/or writing, sending or reading a text message. Police officers will be looking for violators. Calcasieu Parish Schools start classes on August 13th and the new law will be in effect. First time violators will be looking at a $175 fine and after that could face $500 fines.

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