Meteorologist have had quite a time lately. I know a few meteorologist and, let me tell you, they are all complete nerds. WE see this and we think about how dangerous it is to be out there. The weather people out there see all storms as a potential eneby. Trust me meteorologist are all crazy as bedbugs.

For the past few weeks, we've all watched Weather Channel talents stand knee deep in water when there is dry land just a couple of feel away. Hey, I'm not going to fault them. It does make for some pretty compelling TV coverage.

Well, the guy in this video was reporting the weather and decided that it would be fun to get out of his vehicle and check the wind speed. It turns out that the wind was blowing at 117 mph. How dangerous is that? Well, can you imagine being slapped upside the head by a flying object powered by 117 mph winds!

Watching the video and keep in mind that, while he is in danger, the little boy in him is saying, "wheeee!"



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