I'm not a racing fan, but this video is hard not to watch. The footage is from Daytona and was shot during the Coke Zero 400. Accidents are far from rare in such races, but the sheer proportion of the accident is what makes this particular video so amazing.

The man driving the car,Austin Dillion, isn't new to the racing game. He comes from a line of NASCAR people and he was voted Rookie of the Year back in 2010. Dillion also won the Truck Series one year later.

In this video, the race had already technically ended, and things were about to wrap up when the accident happened. At just past 1:30 in the video you see a slo-mo of the accident in progress in which Dillion's car is hurled over the tops of other cars before slamming full force into the crash rails.

Watch the video. You won't believe that Austin Dillion actually walked away from this amazing crash.

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