Coming up this weekend on 92-9 The Lake, we're going to be featuring the Superstars of the 70s and, each hour, we'll feature three great 70s acts in a row. Now, most of these artists have had long strings of huge hits, but there are a few included just because they were so much fun to listen to. While compiling the music for our 70s Superstars Weekend, I really enjoyed listening to some of my favorite groups from that era and I thought I'd share my Top 5 with you. So, here we go.

#5 - ABBA- Now, I'm a sucker for harmony, in fact with one exception, all my favorite 70s acts had pretty darn good harmony and ABBA certainly fits neatly into that category. But, ABBA also had a knack for writing great pop music as well. It's hard to beat a band that was the second most profitable business on the Swedish Stock Exchange. My favorite ABBA song is "Take a Chance on Me" because it opens up with all that great cascading harmony.

#4- Linda Ronstadt- I've been a fan of Linda Ronstadt since I heard her very first hit, "Different Drum." I've always had a major crush on Linda Ronstadt and her voice hits my ear just right. I even saw her in concert in Dallas. At the time I saw her, she was at the top of her form and she put on one hell of a great show. Of course, she didn't write any of her own music, but her ability to interpret a great song is amazing. One song that she really nailed when I saw her in person was the great ballad, "Long, Long Time." Here's the lady performing it live.

#3- Bee Gees- Ah, the much maligned Bee Gees. Everyone wanted to blame disco on the Bee Gees because they were so successful with Saturday Night Fever. In defense of the Brothers Gibb, they had a pretty darn successful career before their disco hits. One of the things that amazes me about the Bee Gees is their ability to write a song about anything and in just about any style you'd care to name. In addition to their great pop songwriting, their harmonies were always amazing. I don't really have a favorite song by them, so I thought I'd go back and get a "live" version of their very first American hit.

#2- The Doobie Brothers- Great songs, great harmony and a lot of diversity. The Doobie Brothers pretty much had it all. I was already a fan of the Doobies when they made the big change in 1976 with the addition of Michael McDonald, but I became an even bigger fan when they added McDonald to the line-up. As much as I like their major hits, my favorite is "Takin' it to the Streets."

#1-The Eagles- The first time I heard "Take it Easy" back in 1972, I became an instant fan of the Eagles. Over the years, they've pissed me off a time or two, but for the most part, the Eagles, much like the other groups in my Top 5 have combined great songwriting with excellent musicianship and, of course, that great harmony. I was a musician back in 1972 and belonged to a group that wanted to be the Eagles so bad we couldn't stand it. Funny, we never became the Eagles either. Favorite Eagle song? That's a tough one, but I'm going to go with their first hit, "Take it Easy."

There you go. My Top 5 Favorite Bands of the 70s. Be sure to join 92-9 The lake this weekend for our 70s Superstars Weekend.

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