When the big game comes on in the house there are some rules that you should abide by if you want to try and keep peace in the house. This Sunday pretty much all will be lined up either at the game, a bar, or a home watching it all go down. This Sunday will be the Super Bowl LVI with the Cinncinati Bengals taking on the Los Angeles Rams and while many here in Lake Charles and SWLA are rooting for the Bengals and Joe Burrow. When it comes to the big game all hands are on deck for a great time.

If you are looking to do the big game at your home this weekend, here are some things that I would highly recommend not doing if you want to keep the peace for that night and possibly save a few friendships afterward. Now I have never hosted one at my home, but I have been to several and some of these things tend to spark confusion throughout the night.

  • Don't Show up to a party if you haven't been invited: This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at the people who pop up at an event because they overheard someone else talking about it. This is not permissible and you should get the approval of the person who is having the event. They could have a count of the number of people coming and want to make sure they have adequate food for the event.
  • Don't Come to the Big Game Bowl party already heavily intoxicated: We can't sit here and think that people will not be drinking for the event. However, I would like to highly recommend using Lyfts or having a designated driver come with you. But if you show up already intoxicated this could cause problems where testosterones are already high because of the game. Sure we all have our pick of who we want to win, but coming in talking trash could create bad feelings from the beginning.
  • Make sure your important things are not in the wrong place: We all want to make sure that the home is spic and span and we try to think of everything to make sure that all is well. Sometimes we are moving fast and may forget some things. When hosting a Big Game party there are rooms that are heavily occupied and full of people talking loud and taking up plenty of space. You may have some important documents, toys, or other personal items that you want to make sure are placed in a safe place so that nothing comes up missing.
  • Don't overdo it on the unhealthy snacks and beverages: Sure it's the Big Game and if we were following a strict routine before, we may feel like we can throw it out the window for this one day. Believe me, I love chicken wings, nachos, and dip like the best of them. However, we should be cognizant of how much we consume because chances are you will already skip the next day's workout depending on if your team won or lost. Also, keep in mind that after the party is the after-party and many will be turning up and celebrating after the Big Game is over. So enjoy yourself but don't make them come back that much harder.
  • Don't make a Money bet with someone who doesn't like to pay: I have always been told to not loan money to friends. While this is not the case all of the time, there are moments where friends go missing when it's time to pay up. So if you would like to place a bet, there are several vendors here in the area where you can do so legally. But making a wager with a friend or even an associate could really be a problem if your team loses or even their team loses. Don't lose a friendship over money situations.

The game is this Sunday and people from all over will be glued to the television, while some will actually be live at the game. Remember our parents always told us to act like we got some home training so keep that in mind when you're going to a Big Party or throwing an event of your own.


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