I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person that will binge listen to favorite artists. We all go through phases where we've just got to hear nothing but one artist, sometimes, for days at a time.

Now, I don't have a long list of artist that I will listen to like that, but I've noticed that I do have a certain pattern to my listening. I thought back to the times I've binge listened to just one artist and here are my top three.

As usual, these are in no particular order except my #1 binge listening star.

3. Gordon Lightfoot - Ever since the first time I heard "If You Could Read my Mind," I've been a huge fan of Gordon Lightfoot. Sure, he didn't have a long string of hits, but the man has written some amazing songs. Gordon Lightfoot is perfect when I really want to mellow out or wallow in misery!

2. Bob Dylan - One Christmas, when I was about 15, I was madly in love with a girl at school and I'll never forget exchanging Christmas presents that year. Now, I don't remember what I gave her. I think it was a sweater, but I still have the present she gave me. It was Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited. Now, I was familiar with Bob Dylan because I loved the song "Like a Rolling Stone", but I hadn't heard much of his work. I went home and played the album over and over. I'm sure, given Dylans lack of singing chops, my parents were ready to scream, but they put up with it about as well as any parents did. I still have the copy of the album I got that Christmas. It's all scratched and skips, but I have my CD copy as well and from time to time, I'll binge listen to that album for days at a time. My favorite cut on the album is, by far, "Desolation Row."

1.- As I said going in, these artists are in no particular order, except for this one. I have been a Van Morrison fan since the British Invasion when Morrison was the member of an Irish rock band called "Them." I much preferred their original version of "Gloria" over the American hit version by Shadows of Night.

Flash forward a few years and I got hooked on Morrison's hit "Domino." Wouldn't you know that, that Christmas, another girlfriend gave me a copy of Morrison's album, His Band and the Street Choir.

I have most of Van Morrison's albums and I even got to see him live when I lived in Dallas. I don't really have a favorite song by Van Morrison, it just depends on my mood at any given moment, but I will binge on Morrison for days at a time. He always puts me in a good mood.

Here's a great cut by Morrison. This songs always makes me sing along.

There you have it. Those are my top 3 binge listening artist. Who do you like to binge on?

This weekend is a Binge Listening Weekend on 92-9 The Lake and each hour, we'll play 3 songs in a row by artists who have risen far above the ranks of the one hit wonders. I hope you hear your favorite group times three.


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