Wouldn't you just know it. here, I had a great ring-side seat for the so-called 'Super Eclipse" and we had some pretty nasty cloud cover most of the evening. I was really looking forward to this event since I haven't seen a total lunar eclipse in ages. I think I was about 14 last time i was able to observe a total lunar eclipse on a good, clear night.

My friend, Julie Dallas invited me to watch from the vantage point of a mutual friend's boathouse and you couldn't have asked for a better view. The moon was coming up over the water and managed to avoid all the cloud cover for quite awhile. that's when I got the picture at the top of the post.

Shortly after I got the shot I wanted, the clouds rolled in and obscured the moon until about 8:20 p.m. or so when we got our second and final look at the moon. It was just about half way to a total eclipse when we last saw it, but it was too dark for a decent picture. I still kind of like my moon picture even though I wasn't able to capture the total eclipse. Did you get a good view?

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