Motley Crue's long-awaited The Dirt biopic is finally here. Just like the 2001 autobiography from which it's drawn, the movie offers an unflinching and unapologetic account of the excesses and tragedies the band encountered -- or caused -- during its time together.

The movie's five best scenes, selected and dissected below, feature comedy, tragedy, violence and the chemistry that bonded Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Vince Neil for life. They take place during the group's first rehearsal, at its extremely violent first-ever concert, in the aftermath of an absolutely horrific tragedy, during an extremely awkward engagement announcement and as the band tearfully hashes out its past mistakes and gets back together after years apart.

There could easily be a separate list of the most disgusting or disturbing scenes in The Dirt: Suffice it to say, if you ever wanted to witness a bare-assed Ozzy Osbourne snorting fresh urine and live ants, or see an exotic dancer get thrown-up on, this is the movie for you.

But below we focus on the moments that best illustrate exactly how these four different men got together and, for the most part, stayed together. Even more miraculously, how they stayed alive through three and a half decades of chaos, self-inflicted wounds, unimaginable success and heartbreak.

"I don’t know how we’re not dead or in jail," the film versions of Sixx and his bandmates admit at the end of the movie. "We shit on a lot of people, and did things that we regret every day. But somehow we're still here, in it together. That’s fate, that’s family and that’s Motley fucking Crue."

Here are the five best scenes from The Dirt.

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