They billed themselves as "the world's most notorious rock band" — and Mötley Crüe proved they'd more than earned that title with the publication of The Dirt, the bestselling 2001 memoir looking back on their early exploits, fast rise to worldwide fame and the behind-the-scenes madness that frequently made them just as entertaining to watch as they were to listen to. As soon as it arrived in stores, it was a book crying out for the rock biopic treatment, and after years in development, it looks like it's finally on its way to the screen.

Of course, anything can happen in Hollywood, and there are a million steps on the journey between a film set and your eyeballs — and that all probably goes double when we're talking about a movie inspired by the life and times of Mötley Crüe. But a flurry of recent news has us finally convinced this thing is actually going to happen.

With cameras set to roll on the The Dirt next month — and a cast finally assembled — we're taking a look at all the players arranged for what promises to be one of the loudest, wildest and all-around most aggressive real-life band histories ever depicted onscreen. From the projects where you might have seen the stars before to the résumés compiled by the picture's behind-the-scenes talent — and a refresher course on the book itself — here's everything you need to know about Mötley Crüe's The Dirt until it arrives on Netflix on March 22.

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