Valentine's Day is a big day for food in America, and it's the second busiest day for restaurants, behind Mother's Day. So, the folks at EATER went to Google Trends to see what America is eating on Valentine's Day. And we're not surprised at all, being that we are in the center of the best food culture in the USA. (Yay, Louisiana!)

According to the data compiled, singles like to order comfort food, and couples prefer international dishes. And surprisingly, only 25% of people who were surveyed said they were actually going out to eat. This could mean they are either cooking in, or ordering food to go. The most popular item searched for on February 14th, according to GrubHub, is heart-shaped Valentine sushi roll. Awwww

The most searched cuisines to celebrate the day of love are listed below. Whatever it is you'll be dining on, have a fabulous day, all you little cupids!

  1. Italian
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Mexican
  5. American
  6. Chinese
  7. Japanese
  8. Indian



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