New pictures have surfaced on several SWLA residents' Facebook pages showing how bad off the support pillars are on the West Fork Draw Bridge.  And it should scare you!

KPLC has reported on this issue since 2008, so it's nothing new.  And yet it still stands in disrepair and crumbling before our eyes!

I live in Moss Bluff so I drive over this bridge, sometimes, several times a day.  My wife and kids drive over this sorry excuse for a bridge as well.  With the increased traffic of larger, heavier vehicles due to plant construction projects, it begs the much more can it take?

I don't own a boat so I had no idea how bad the supports actually were!  And it's concerning to me.

I know, I's not a tall bridge, so if it does collapse then it would be easy to escape your vehicle, right?  What if the people who fall in don't know how to swim?  What is they can't break their window or open their door to exit their vehicle?

Why does it seem all our bridges here in SWLA are terribly unsafe?

I know we as SWLA residents have asked this question to ourselves and out loud hundreds of times when it comes to our bridges.  Is it going to take someone getting hurt or killed for something to finally get done?

I guess until then, we'll have to keep getting force fed that they are safe.  Even though our eyes tell us a completely different story!

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