It’s the time of the season for sneezing (with apologies to the Zombies). Many of us around here are sneezing and coughing and hosing each other down with Lysol. Well, not really but it does provide an interesting visual. “I’ll spray you if you spray me”. Much pollen in the air as we discovered on Sunday when we cleaned up some of that pine straw from the roof and around the yard.

Was chatting with a friend the other day and wondered if the folks who developed what I refer to as “anti-social media” are happy with the fact their platforms are used to spread hate and intolerance of others. It’s too bad there’s not a happy section. You know, maybe a happy Facebook.

Caught an Alliance of American Football game on Saturday. Thought we were getting the San Antonio game but got the Atlanta-Orlando game. The play was quite good, well, for Orlando it was. They were well prepared and they were pretty much kicking Atlanta’s butt and taking names. Steve Spurrier is Orlando’s head coach.

Am really surprised at how much the very expensive luxury vehicles look dead common anymore. I was behind a red Porsche SUV this morning that was next to a Ford Edge at a traffic light. Nothing terribly distinctive about the Porsche except that apparently it didn’t have turn signals. Stopped in the middle of Lake Street and made a left turn after opposing traffic cleared.

Listening to Mikey O and Patrick talking sports and WWE. Mikey O asked Patrick if he had any questions for Carmella, who may or may not be in town Monday night with the show. My question for her would be, “Why do you do that for a living?”

All for a new I-10 bridge but will they build it north or south of the old bridge? What happens to the businesses on the north side?

Have pretty much decided what’s really needed around here is good oldies station. I’m talking real oldies, mid-'50s to early '70s. Of course, there aren’t very many folks who know that music well enough to pull it off.

And with that, enjoy the sunshine!

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