We took advantage of no rain yesterday and got the backyard mowed last evening, and tonight, if it doesn’t rain, we’ll get the front done. I’m sure that by the weekend it’ll look like it will need to be mowed again but that probably won’t happen.

The baseball playoffs are under way with the Rockies beating the Cubs in the National League Wild card game last night. You could tell the announcers were pulling for Chicago because whenever they made a great play Matt Vasgersian sounded like he was coming out of his shoes. In fairness he was also excited when Colorado made a great play but not quite as exuberant. Tonight it’s the Yankees and the A’s. Guess who the announcers will be pulling for.

Speaking of baseball, 17 of 30 teams experienced drops in attendance this season. Some blame the colder, wet spring, but you also have to consider all the entertainment options that exist these days. If your team is losing people probably won’t go. I cannot understand why anyone would go the ballpark in Arlington, Texas where the game time temperatures are as high as 102! They are building a new stadium with a retractable roof that will open for the 2020 season. We love to go the ballpark for games, but not often. Ticket prices, the price of food, like 8 bucks for a 4 piece pizza, is a bit steep. We usually eat before we go or afterwards if it’s an afternoon game.

DOTD was out this morning playing with the traffic lights at Nelson and Sale. Maybe they should make the lights a little longer. Left turn arrows only let 3 or 4 cars through at most intersections. Leave ‘em green for 30 to 60 seconds at a time and maybe people won’t run so many red lights. When we were on vacation in Michigan this year I noticed the lights there were pretty long. Good for traffic flow but I have to admit that being used to the lights here I would get antsy waiting for them to change.

More I-10 bridge maintenance this month. Thought they had that all set this spring. That’s all I’m saying on that subject.

Still waiting on the first cold front of the season.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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