Well, it’s August already. Time when we start praying a little harder for “no hurricanes here, please”. There have already been five named storms, and if the predictions hold, there will be six to twelve more, since the predictions are for eleven to seventeen named storms.

Speaking of weather, I saw a graphic online yesterday that mentioned “Monday Afternoon Highs” on one side and “Tuesday Morning Loes” on the other. Oops!

Got a taste of seaweed yesterday. No, I wasn’t in the water, a co-worker bought some seaweed “snacks” and offered them around yesterday afternoon. As she was offering me one, another co-worker was in the doorway to my studio frantically waving his arms and mouthing the words, “No don’t take it”. I was apparently the only one to eat the whole thing. It was pretty thin and about the size of a playing card. Tasted like grass, actually. No, I won’t be buying any!

Speaking of weird food, how many almonds do they have to milk to get a half gallon of “almond milk”? And what about soybeans for “soy milk”? And how do they do that?

Still watching those Rangers games with the boring announcers. No, we’re not ready for some football, yet. Good time to read, although I will admit I don’t get those AT&T commercials with the prairie dog. I will also admit that we watch Antiques Roadshow on LPB and are amused/confused about the tag line for the ancestry commercial where the guy says “We all come from such different backgrounds you never know”. Huh?

Ever notice that fifteen to twenty minutes after you put lotion on your hands you have to do something that requires them to be washed?

Looks like increasing rain chances tomorrow through the weekend. Enjoy!

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