The game of Monopoly is now 80 years old. Although there are now a myriad of versions of the ever popular board game, the original has not really changed all that much in 80 years.

The streets and properties in the original games were all based on Atlantic City and it's stayed that way for it's entire history. I've always wanted to see Boardwalk and Park Place to find out why they're such treasured properties.

I can remember having marathon Monopoly games with my best friend, Patrick McClure. In the summer, we would have Monopoly games that would go on for days. Of course, you kind of have to play fast and loose with the rules to make that happen, but I think just about everybody alters the rules just a tad. the actual rules for the game are not that exciting.

Here are 9 facts you may not know about this 80 year old favorite. did you know that Castro banned the game from Cuba back in 1959?

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