One mom on social media has seen enough in the car rider line at school and now she is showing all parents how to speed up the process.

The car rider lines at schools are often delayed because parents don't properly have their kids situated in their vehicles.

As you will see here, one parent had her kid seated on the driver's side of the vehicle, thus forcing her to get out of the SUV and escort her child to the drop-off.

The parent filming says that this parent is causing the line to move slower at the school by arranging her kids in the vehicle and showing how much quicker it can be.

If the kids, who are getting out of the vehicle, are seated on the passenger side of the vehicle they can quickly and safely exit it, thus speeding up the line at school.

Also, she notes below that your kids should be ready to exit the vehicle prior to drop-off. Have them alert and ready to open their door prior to getting to the drop-off location.

Something so simple seems to work flawlessly, but this video should be a reminder to all that if we all do our small part, the car rider line can move much more efficiently.


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