Sometimes I feel like a psychic. You know, the kind of person that can see into the future? We told you last August that a lot of money would be driving through and from Louisiana to go place wagers in Mississippi Gulf Coast Casinos that, as of August, could take wagers on sporting contests.

Much to the chagrin of myself and several other residents of our cash strapped state I can tell you I was right. 

According to a story in the Biloxi Sun Herald Newspaper, Casinos along Mississippi's Gulf Coast had their best year in over a decade. A lot of the success and increased revenue is being directly attributed to sports wagering.

Combined revenues from Coast Casinos topped $106 million for the month of December and brought the total casino "take" for the year to a staggering $1.24 billion. You have to believe some of that money might have been wagered and taxed in Louisiana if our legislature had been as forward-thinking as the Missississippi legislature on the issue of sports wagering.

Reportedly the Louisiana Legislature is going to begin debate and discussion on bringing sports betting to the state at some time during the legislative sessions this year. Let's just hope the (river) boat hasn't already sailed.

If we can't get gamblers to stop in the state maybe we could do the next best thing. Make all of Louisiana one giant speed trap. If we can't stop the money from driving through Louisiana maybe we could at least slow it down so we can wave goodbye to it.


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