Millions of dollars were lost After the Super Bowl ended and we’re not talking about in Las Vegas.  According to researchers at Kraft Heinz the country as a whole lost some $1 billion dollars in productivity after millions of people called in sick Monday morning.

This year for the first time the mustard and ketchup giant went ahead and gave all its salaried employees the day off so they wouldn’t have to call in with a fake cough.  There’s even a national petition already with some 70,000 signatures to declare Monday after the game a national holiday.  If they reach 100,000 signatures the company will send the petition to congress.

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
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But a more common sense approach would be to begin scheduling the Big Game for a Saturday evening.  If you watched the whole game, and still got up and went to work Monday – Kudos to you.

The research showed the majority of no-shows were in the age range of 18-34.  But, we can understand if you were stuck in Houston traffic all-night long.

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