The first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story revealed that the Millennium Falcon looked a little bit different when Han Solo was a young man. It was missing its signature prongs on the front and its signature whatever-those-circle-dealies-are on the back. Also, it was  shockingly clean. Clorox wipes are super hard to find in a galaxy far, far away.

One of the writers of the film has already discussed why one of the most iconic ships in film history might look different in Solo; a new Hasbro toy introduced at Toy Fair 2018 this week gives some pretty solid clues as to how it happens in the film. Dig the Kessel Run Millenniumm Falcon, which comes with a Han Solo action figure (Alden Ehrenreich version) and assorted lights and sounds. At first, it looks like this...


After a few button presses (symbolizing the jump to hyperspeed), the ship lights up, an alarm goes off, and several of the panels on the ship pop off. Then you can pop off the whole front compartment, giving you that classic Falcon silhouette:


This demo video from the Hasbro showroom shows you how all this happens (at least in the toy version):

Toys are not always accurate to the screen versions, and sometimes one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Still it seems pretty unlikely that this “Kessel Run Millennium Falcon,” made specifically for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which features the Kessel Run as part of the film, will be completely different from the ship in the film. I mean, how else is this hunk of junk going to make that trip in under 12 parsecs? Clearly, the ship was never meant to go that fast; presumably in the process of doing it, big pieces of the ship fly off. Dollars to donuts that “mini ship” in the front is part of a plot twist as well, although it doesn’t look like it just flops off in the middle of the Kessel Run the way those panels do.

We’ll know for sure when Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on May 25.

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