Governor John Bel Edwards signed a new law on June 2 expanding Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, paving the way for doctors, approved by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners, to prescribe marijuana treatment for any health condition they deem debilitating.

Doctors get the green light to prescribe the medical Mary Jane to patients under this new law starting this August. This is a major change from the previous law, which under limited circumstances only allowed licensed marijuana specialists to make prescriptions. Medical marijuana has only been available for a year here in Louisiana, and it has been exceedingly difficult for patients to get. Based on the old law, marijuana scripts could only be issued to patients with one of 16 legislature approved health conditions.

Republican Health and Welfare Chairman Rep. Larry Bagley, is behind the expansion bill and says patients should be allowed to consult with their own doctors on this matter. The patient/doctor rapport has already been established and their doctors know whether they need the drug or not.

KPLC 7 reports the new expansion did not include more pharmacy locations. For now, there are only nine in the entire state from which patients can receive their marijuana.

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