When I saw this headline I knew I had to share it with you. You just don't get headlines like this everyday, but I swear it's real.

The story is from Georgia (of course) and the story itself is good, but the headline is what really caught my eye. Here are the details.

It seems that Larry McElroy was outside his home in Lee County, Georgia when he spotted an armadillo in his yard and decided to shoot the poor creature. Now, why anyone would shoot an armadillo is beyond me, but that's what he did. maybe he had a great recipe for armadillo stew or something.

Larry's aim must have been off a little and, while he did hit the armadillo, the bullet kept going into the house and struck his mother-in-law while she was sitting around doing whatever it was she was doing.

The armadillo didn't survive the incident but Larry's mother-in-law is going to be fine. I'd like to interview Larry's wife and see if she's buying his side of the story. Just sayin'.






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