The moment you decide something is impossible ... you are defeated. On the other hand ... the minute you decide anything is possible you become empowered.  Maci fest is all about the power that comes with knowing that anything is possible and dreams do come true! This year Macifest brings Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton to Lake Charles!

getty images/ Frederick M. Brown

Maci Fest is this weekend at the Lake Charles Civic Center. The four year old Maci Fontenot was taking a standard eye test at school when her life changed. After  Chemotherapy and a craniotomy Maci is a survivor and is actually flourishing. She has even written a book about her ordeal. The purpose of the book and of Maci Fest is to give hope and teach us all that we can overcome any obstacle. This is a great event for you and your kids this Saturday at the Lake Charles Civic Center from 10 a.m. to 2p.m.. Then make your plans to hear another great story of overcoming the odds Saturday night as Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton brings her incredible story of overcoming the odds  to Glad Tidings Church at 4 p.m.. It could be a very special day in you and your kids lives.