According to location data taken from smartphones, Louisiana residents are getting worse at social distancing despite Gov. Edwards issuing a stay-at-home mandate, dropping from a previous grade of B to a C today.

This Social Distancing Scoreboard, created by Norwegian company, Unacast, uses smartphone data to track movement over time to determine whether or not people are staying at home. It does not, however, track if people are staying six feet apart from one another.

The United States as a whole also dropped from a B to a C. Wyoming was previously the only state to get an F, but it has now been joined by multiple states including Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana.

In Louisiana, Acadia, West Baton Rouge, Madison, East Carroll, Richland, and St. Martin Parishes currently all have Fs. Calcasieu Parish dropped from a B to a D, Lafayette earned a B, and Orleans Parish has an A.

The interactive scoreboard map can be found here.

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