If you want to create tension at a family gathering or holiday event simply say these two words, Common Core. Those two hot button words stir up strong emotions across the state of Louisiana.

Many people simply don't like the concept of one size fits most learning. Others think it's a better way to approach education. Still others, like me, are not really sure what is Common Core and what is just negative hype about Common Core.

The fact that the subject has been in the political spotlight for the past election cycle has gotten many Louisiana voters to change their opinions on the subject. LSU's Public Policy Research Lab recently conducted a survey concerning Common Core and found that support for the program had fallen from 39% to 34% among likely voters.

There is a lot of information and a lot of misinformation about Common Core out there, and people seem to be responding to what that phrase, Common Core, has come to mean in their minds.

The words of Dr. Michael Henderson who directs the Public Policy Lab. Dr. Henderson went on to explain to the Louisiana Radio Network that all standardized testing and programs across the state are starting to be met with a significant amount of skepticism.

That’s a lot less than what you see nationally. Nationally it’s about two-thirds of Americans are saying, ‘Hey, there’s more emphasis on tests than maybe there should be.’ In Louisiana, it’s more like half.

Probably the most surprising result of the recently published survey was the disconnect between what voters feel is important and what legislators feel is important when it comes to public education in our state.

The thing they named the most is funding issues, teacher pay, and then the second thing they named the most are issues of safety and discipline. So the public is thinking about a whole different set of issues than what our policy debates are currently reflecting.

The legislature seems to be more enamored in debating charter schools, evaluating standardized tests for students and teachers, and the voucher program.

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