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I've always dreamed of an unexpected windfall. Hurry, because the State of Louisiana could make that dream a reality for you!

What would you do with an unexpected windfall?

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, is National Unclaimed Property Day. Right now, there's $671 million in unclaimed funds in Louisiana according to WWL-TV, and an additional $94 million in unclaimed shares. Why let the state hold on to your money when you can be the one earning interest on it or paying bills with it, etc?


Want to see if Louisiana is hanging on to any of your money in the unclaimed property fund? All you have to do is click here. I've looked for my name in every single combination possible and I've never been owed any money. I think my brother got like $30 once, it was from a final check from some restaurant he had worked at decades ago. Either way, something is better than nothing. If you'd like to check other states for unclaimed funds in your name, go to Unclaimed.org. You can also try MissingMoney.com.

Where does unclaimed property/money come from?

If you're wondering where this unclaimed property/money comes from, it's the result of old payroll checks, old bank accounts, royalties, utility deposits, interest payments, stock certificates, and life insurance proceeds that businesses turn over to the state because they weren't able to remit the funds to the legal payee.

Good luck! Here's hoping you get some unexpected mailbox money. Just note, it can take up to 90 days for the state to send you a check.

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