Buying some gas and boudin balls? Not with boobs money you're not!

With everyone being extra cautious right now, stores around Louisiana and the U.S. have begun reimplementing certain protocols to try and help keep employees and customers safe.

Google Maps

Google Maps says employees at Leblanc Chevron on the Alexandria Hwy in Leesville are "required to disinfect surfaces between visits" due to the recent uptick of COVID-19 cases in Louisiana and the U.S.

In addition to disinfecting surfaces for customer and employee safety, there is something LeBlanc Chevron says they aren't doing.

No Boobs Money Sign

Posted on the front door as you walk into LeBlanc Chevron is a sign that states that due to COVID-19 they will no longer accept "boobs money and shoes/sock money."

Clearly, "boobs money and shoes/sock money" is such a common occurrence at LeBlanc Chevron that a sign is needed to put customers on notice.

William Chris Anderson of Lafayette took this photo yesterday (08/01/21) and was kind enough to send it our way to share with you.

William Chris Anderson By Permission

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