Amid Thanksgiving food shortages across the country, there is some good news, Louisiana residents will enjoy their meals for less than the national average.


Louisiana Farm Bureau and spokesman Avery Davidson told Louisiana Network news that the average cost for Louisiana residents to make a Thanksgiving meal this year is $57.41. That's $11.41 less than the current national average.

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Davidson went on to say that the United States has the lowest price worldwide for the types of foods used on Thanksgiving. She says we can attribute that to the amount of hard working farmers and ranchers here in the States.

One thing that hit me hard about the interview with the Louisiana Farm Bureau spokesman was that out of our, on average, $57 purchase for Thanksgiving the farmers and ranchers will only see a $4.59 profit.

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My wife bought all our food for Thanksgiving this weekend. I'm not for sure how much she spent but I'm sure it was way more than $57. And that's only to feed myself, my wife, our two kids, and her mom. I mean the turkey alone is going to run you $20 to $30.

My sincere hope is that you can enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your family this year and soak in the love. This past year and a half has been a doozy for SWLA, we deserve to be able to sit back, do nothing, eat ourselves into a coma, laugh, huge, watch football, and be with our loved ones.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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