This appears to be purely a "dad product." But I suppose it's better to appear like a dweeb than pass away from heat stroke in this crazy SWLA heat.

Fans incorporated into clothing are becoming more and more common. especially in Japan where they have long been popular.

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The concept was developed by a former Sony engineer, who launched sales of "fan jackets" in 2004. His business's name translates simply to "air-conditioned clothes."

Just picture those inflated dinosaur costumes that people wear for Halloween if you are having difficulties visualizing it. They blow up similarly and function in the same manner.

Early models had inadequate ventilation and short battery life. But they can now work all day. In 2015, the power tool manufacturer Mikita began offering their own version for construction workers. Sales, so they claim, have greatly increased in recent years.

Additionally, there are now a million knockoffs on Amazon that range in price from $40 to $300. So it's another method to beat the heat, provided you don't mind being laughed at by virtually everyone.

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