It's official. Louisiana has been recognized as one of the top filming locations in America.

Now, I've had some experience in this phenomenon. Back in 2005, I got my first movie role in an independent film called 'Mercy.' Now while it wasn't seen by millions of people, it did very good on the independent film circuit and won 5 'International Accolade Awards, which are the awards given to independent films from all over the world.

Since then, I've had roles in a few more movies, all made right here in Louisiana. Most recently ,a film in which I played the co-lead, called 'The Man in the Chair' was screened at the Lake Charles Film Festival and did quite well. The festival wasn't just for local film, but featured movies from all over the country.

continue on for the trailer for 'The Man in the Chair'

Louisiana  had multiple Golden Globe-nominated films filmed in the state.

Dallas Buyers Club,was just nominated for an Oscar and the movie is a Louisiana filmed movie. The movie also racked up two Golden Globe Awards.

It may be hard to believe, but the Louisiana film industry has created over 14,000 jobs in the state.

Here is an impressive list of movies that were made in Louisiana


Here is the trailer for 'The Man in the Chair' which should be released later this year. The movie was written filmed and produced in Louisiana.