In the beginning, there was food. Our ancient ancestors either found the food growing on plants, bushes, and trees or they found it consuming plants, bushes, and trees. Regardless of where it came from it was necessary and in fact, finding food was the primary vocation of those people who were roaming the planet at that time.

Over time as mankind got better and better at either growing, hunting, or harvesting food our tastes began to change. Soon we became so civilized that we stopped eating food solely as a means to stay alive. It was during that transition from basic necessity to flavorful luxury that we humans began to experiment with our food.

Restaurant Reviews Worldwide, Screenshot
Restaurant Reviews Worldwide, Screenshot

"Experiment" might be too clinical of a word. We began to try different things with our food. We discovered that some plants could act as flavoring for certain foods. We found out that warming certain foods over a fire changed their taste, texture, and flavor profile. We also found that by combining two foods we like, we could create a better food than the original two foods.

Now, certainly, I am in favor of combining certain foods to make better food. That is called a recipe when you do that. However, it's when you combine tastes, flavors, and foods that "don't seem to go together" that things really get sideways.

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What's really interesting about a lot of these combinations of foods and flavors is how regionalized or localized they can be. Here in Louisiana we mix a lot of flavors together and call it a gumbo, but you can still raise the ire of the Cajun Community by treating your gumbo wrong. Here's a hint, don't mention the word tomato anywhere around a place that serves gumbo.

So, depending on what part of the world you come from or where your parents come from many of these food combinations will be either heavenly or hell on a plate. You tell us which ones you'd be able to stomach.

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