Radio station KEEL talked to Gaming Control Board Chairman, Ronnie Jones. in an interview about the opening of Louisiana casinos. After Governor Edwards announced yesterday about Louisiana finally going into phase 1, casinos fell into a category that would prevent them from opening. The category casinos are under in the governor's phases is Public Amusement. Casinos are right alongside parks, fairs, theme parks, concert halls, music venues, bars, spas, and similar.

Despite not being in the governor's plan, Jones says that Edwards has given the approval for casinos to open, with strict guidelines. The opening will be for video poker machines, casinos, and racetracks. Workers at these establishments will be required to wear PPE, including masks. Guests of these establishments must have their temperatures taken, which Jones calls non-invasive, and be prepared to answer questions about their current health status.  The capacity allowed in each building will be 25% of the building's fire occupancy code, including employees.

When a customer comes to the gaming floor, they'll first will have their temperature taken in a non-invasive way. They'll be asked a series of questions that are based on the CDC guidelines about symptoms of the virus and they'll be offered a mask and encouraged to wear the mask. They won't be required to wear the mask, but they will be offered to wear the mask. - Ronnie Jones

Although the casinos are allowed to open on May 18, each casino must submit a plan of action to the state police for approval in order to open. Each casino will be required, in their plan of action, to describe their screening process and how they will execute it per the guidelines of the CDC. The state police will approve the plan and monitor the occupancy of the casinos closely to make sure they adhere to the strict guidelines.

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