If you’re like me, you’ve been admiring the beautiful crosses appearing in the yards of area residents. Painted across the front is a short, but powerful message, “All Is Well.” You probably want to know how and where you can get one for your yard. Right? I know I did. We’re all in luck too, because I found out!

KPLC did a story on it a couple of weeks ago. The creators own and operate Signatures Salon in Lake Charles. The owners and their families are making the crosses, branding them, and giving them away. Yes, they are free! Signatures’ Gareth McCown said they decided to make the crosses in light of the coronavirus pandemic in hopes of picking up the morale in our community. “All Is Well” references scripture about a woman and her unrelenting faith in 2 Kings 4:8-37: Elisha and the Shunammite Woman.

Even though they’ve given away hundreds of crosses, McCown and his family plan to make hundreds more. If you would like to display one in your yard, stop on by Signatures Salon at 803 W. McNeese Street. The crosses go as fast as they are making them, so you might have to make a few passes before you get one of your own. If you stop by and there are any outside the salon, you can take one home.

Just remember, no matter what you’re going through God is in control, and “All Is Well.”

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