Energy Star recently released a report that had Southwest Louisiana buzzing with its findings and local A/C professionals are saying that the study is ludicrous.

The report found that when you're away from home the best temperature to set your thermostat to is 85 degrees.  However, when you're home you can crank that baby down to a frosty 78 degrees, but when you go ready to slumber it's recommend to turn the thermostat back to 82 degrees.

Obviously, the people shelling out this nonsense have NEVER, EVER spent a summer day in the south, especially around the Gulf coast, with 100 percent humidity!

Hannah Treece from KPLC caught up with some local A/C professionals to ask them if this was practical for SWLA residents.

Donald Moore from The A/C Guys said:

Some good temperatures are 74, 75, but the difference is, your house could be 72. My house is 72. But they’re going to feel different," Moore said. "I mean, is your house sealed, is the humidity levels outside, we have different humidities than some states, or even cities just further north than us.

Moore went on to say that if you leave it at a higher temp while you're away from home and then crank it down when you get back, you could be digging deeper in your pocket than you think:

Say you do put it on 78, but then you knock it down to 72, it’s gonna run for hours and hours, even sometimes through the night just to get it back there, just to knock it back up.

I've been personally known it keep it at around 78 degrees while I'm at work and then turn it down when I get home, which now looks like a foolish thing to do.

I'm going to do my own study starting next month, for the whole month I will keep my thermostat at about 72 degrees and see if my bill goes down or up.

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