If you've ever fought the battle of bedtime with a kid, you know that it's pretty much a losing fight. You can send them to bed, but, sadly, we can't make them fall asleep. The very fact that they are fighting sleep while we attempt to cajole or even threaten them into going to sleep. Let's say you do succeed in getting the kids into bed; they still have a million reasons they can't go to sleep.

There are the usual dodges we're all familiar with and kids will use those excuses to their advantage. There's the old "I gotta go tp the bathroom" dodge. The bathroom dodge is always followed by the "I'm thirsty" dodge. There are as many dodges as there are kids.Well, get ready for something really unusual and that is a kid that goes to sleep on command.

I don't know if the kid does this on a regular basis, but it's a nice thought. Imagine a kid who goes to sleep when he's told. Granted, you can tell the poor little guy is fighting sleep, but as soon as his father says the word, the kid's out like a light.



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