It's almost impossible to find drinking water, or much of any other potable liquid that does not come in a plastic bottle. That only serves to complicate the problem behind a new warning for pregnant women. It seems that scientist have discovered that a chemical known as bisphenol is the link to the possibility of childhood obesity.

According to the study, children who are exposed to BPA become less sensitive to a hormone in the body that takes care of controlling the appetite. When the child is exposed to BPA, they become less sensitive to a hormone responsible for controlling appetite.

Now, where do you commonly find BPA? It can be found in polycarbonate plastic bottles as well as can linings. Because it is found in so many products, exposure to BPA is extremely widespread. According to a study, more than 90% of people tested had detectable levels of BPA. That, my friends is a lot of exposure.

Part of the problem is that the study really didn't have any suggestions on how to avoid drinking from a plastic bottle. My only suggestion would be to get a water filter system along the lines of Brita or one of the many other filters available on the market.

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