When I think about nude beaches or nude camp grounds, I seldom stop to think that there may be such a place in Louisiana. I know they exist everywhere but I'll be darned if I now where they are. I also have no interest in visiting one. It's just a very uncomfortable thought. I've seen enough in the mirror and that talks to me.

There may be more than one, but, believe it or not, this place is in Slidell. Not New Orleans, not Baton Rouge, it's in Slidell and it's called Indian Hills Nudist Park. Now, I don't know about all this nudity, I very nearly went to a nude beach in Cayman, but I backed out at the last minute. I'm sure there were grateful people all over the place.

Now, I've known people who think nothing of going to a nude beach or a nudist camp. I can't decide if they are brave or exhibitionist or just insane. I think it just may be a combination of all three. Now, if you are picturing an amazing beach with beautiful people everywhere, you're going to be sorely disappointed.

I have a very dear friend who is fond of pointing out that most people are "neither attractive nor intelligent." She needs to add something about that very few people look good naked. Let's face it, there are going to be people on a nude beach that don't look good when tey are fully clothed, much less fully naked.

There are more practical problems as well. Where does one look when conversing at a nude beach? You might try to look them in the eye, but, let's face it; it's not going to be easy. There are entirely too many distractions.

The second thing I wonder about is money. Where does one carry one's money at a nudist camp? I worry about what to do with loose change. 'm assuming that one will need ready cash for emergencies. Bee stings and sunburn in light sensitive areas (If you get my drift) would also be a major concern

The bottom line is this. You now how sometimes at Contraband Days you see someone barely dressed and you don't want to look, you just can't believe that that person would dream of dressing with so much skin showing. Well, just picture the folks you see at Contraband Days nude. that ought to put a skids on that one right away.

Still, I know that curiosity is bound to be overwhelming for some of you. Here's more about Indian Hills Nudist Camp.

If you go, take plenty of sunscreen and mosquito spray. Wear some dark glasses so you don't get recognized and no one can tell where you're looking.

They have all kinds of activities at Indian Hills as well. Yep, there's Karaoke and all kinds of games to play. I wonder if there's dancing. I just don't want to see a bunch of naked people doing the latest dances. Men look bad enough dancing with their clothes on! There's too much stuff in motion with dancing if you get my drift and some people have a lot more stuff than others. Enough said about that.

Spend some time in a tanning booth so you don't blind everyone with the glare coming off that pasty white skin.

If people point and run, maybe you're on the wrong breach.









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