If you are the head coach of a football program as storied as the LSU Tigers football program is then every year you face expectations. Winning most of your games is never enough. Winning the conference championship is never enough.

For many Tiger fans the National Championship is the quest and a program like LSU's should be in that picture every year. Are those expectations unrealistic? They sure are. Does it matter that they are unrealistic? Absolutely not.

The Advocate, a Baton Rouge newspaper published a report that said Coach Les Miles future at LSU could be riding on the outcome of the Tigers next two games.  How does Coach Miles feel about this kind of scuttlebutt?

I think it's imperative when the Tigers get back on track. I don't think that there could be anymore additional motivation than the motivation I have right now.

Miles remarks were published in a story released by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

According to that same story should the Tigers opt out of Coach Miles contract they would have to pay the coach at least $12.9 million.  Coach Miles current deal with the university runs through 2019.

There is no doubt that LSU fans are frustrated since the Tigers have lost games in two consecutive weeks to Alabama and Arkansas. The lost to Alabama was the fifth consecutive loss to The Tide and former LSU head man Nick Saban.

Up next for the Tigers are the Ole Miss Rebels. With opponents like that, Coach Miles says there are plenty of other incentives to keep him motivated.

I enjoy going to a stadium where everybody believes that you should beat the tar out of the opponent. That's plenty incentive for me. I believe in the Tigers and we're just going to fight like hell and do the things we need to do to get back on track.

I guess my question would be this. If you let go of Coach Miles who are you going to replace him with? I hear Lane Kiffin is doing good things at Alabama and his track record at Tennessee and Southern California speaks for itself. By the way, that's sarcasm folks. Still who would you want to see running the show if it isn't "The Hat"?  I dare say there isn't a coach I could name that would fare better.


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