Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of all time. We've seen him go from Arnie Grape to Jack Dawson to Frank Abagnale Jr to Calvin Candie to Jordan Belfort. Leo has shown he could play the good guy and the bad with his most notable being Calvin Candy. Well, Leo is now up-ing the stakes in terms of evildoers he portrays.

Per Deadline, it is being reported that Leonardo DiCaprio is signing on to play Jim Jones for MGM. Not to be confused with the Dipset rapper, Jim Jones is the 1970's religious cult leader that led the Jonestown Suicide massacre.

(Like I previously stated he is not portraying the famous Dipset rapper; however, this tweet is just funny.)

This role will be like no other that Leo has done before. Yes, it may have shades of Jordan Belfort or Calvin Candie, but the total package of who Jim Jones was is complex. Leo will have to be charismatic enough to get groups of people to follow him while having a dark monster inside. This is very compelling, to say the least. Are you excited about this new movie? I know I think this could be huge for DiCaprio both critically and commercially.


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