It's a weekend for all kinds of anniversaries and celebrations, and this weekend will find fun and food all over the place and, in this case, great music. Not only will we be celebrating the 150th birthday of our fair city, but the Lake Charles Symphony will also be celebrating its 60th birthday. That's still not the end of the celebrations. In addition to the symphony and city celebrating anniversaries, the Convention and Visitors Bureau will be observing its 45th anniversary, as well.

The Lake Charles Symphony, under the direction of Bohuslav Rattay, will start its 60th season at the Rosa Hart Theater with a performance featuring a special arrangement by the late Keith Gates, who was a Lake Charles composer. There will be a special performance of Gates' opera, Evangeline.

The Lake Charles Symphony's 60th anniversary, in addition to this week's concert, will also be highlighted by some other great events, as well.  The 60th anniversary will feature new and exciting concert programs celebrating the musical heritage of Southwest Louisiana. In addition to the signature special events such as Holiday Home Tour, Wild Beast Feast, and Champagne Bingo, there will be something for everyone, including a Fall Pops.

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