The good news is Louisiana's COVID-19 deaths are down. Current stats show the state suffered five deaths from the coronavirus in the last seven days, but that is still one death too many. We need to get that number to zero and keep it that way. Now here's the bad news. We still have a relatively high number of new cases in a good portion of the state. As of May 10, according to the latest data, Louisiana has had 1,095 new CODVI-19 cases at a rate of 504 per day.

The CDC COVID Data Tracker shows the coronavirus rate of infection here in the bayou state is in the red, as in very high, in eleven parishes around the state. So, we need to get our act together and stop the unnecessary sickness by getting vaccinated, social distancing, and protecting ourselves and others by wearing a simple thing called a mask. Be responsible and get tested so you'll know your status. So far, the number of Louisianans getting vaccinated has increased, too. It went from 1,479,847 persons with one dose and 1,196,740 persons fully vaccinated to 1,553,840 persons with one dose and 1,333,541 persons fully vaccinated.

We are getting better, but are still nowhere near where we should be. Let's put an end to the spread of the coronavirus, Louisiana. Get the vaccine today. Find a location near you on the Louisiana Department of Health COVID vaccine locator page or go to

Stay in the know about the latest Louisiana COVID-19 cases statewide.

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