KPLC is reporting that last night's boom that was heard and felt all across SWLA and SETX was not an explosion.

According to a statement from Joe Andrepont with Westlake Chemical, it was a process called "Decompression".

He told KPLC:

On side of the reactors are discs that are set at a certain pressure. If the pressure of the gas exceeds that level, the disc ruptures and gas is released - Joe Anderpont

He went on to say that the noise is caused when the gas is released so quickly into the atmosphere it ignites and creates a quick flash and a loud boom.

Sgt. James Anderson of the Louisiana State Police also checked in and wants the public to know they are in no danger from this event.

To end the story on a great note, Anderpont also reported that all personnel at the chemical plant was accounted for and that no one was injured.

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