I know the joy you must be feeling at the prospect of staying up tonight doing your income taxes. My heart especially goes out to you since I'm in exactly the same boat. Well, I was doing a bit of research on doing my taxes when I stumbled across this video. It gave me some ideas about certain deductions, so I thought I'd pass it on to you.

I know we all kind of ten to get into a hurry, especially when we put off the task of taxes until the last day, but if you take a few minut4es and watch this video, you just may find yourself getting more money back.

One of the cool things about most of the deductions in this video is that you don't have to itemize to take them. That's always something that held me back in past years. I felt I didn't know enough to itemize, but now, with all the great programs there are out there, itemizing is not that arduous a task anymore.

Give this short video a view before you tackle those taxes and you just might be glad you did,


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