It's time to dispose of those items around the house that are not safe for regular trash pick up. Trash Bash is Saturday, April 12, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., at Chennault International Airport. What can you bring to be disposed of?

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Well you can't bring your old explosives and ammunition; but you can bring
antifreeze; all battery types; clothing, sofas, and other reusable items; electronic devices with a plug/computer monitors and CRT monitors; mercury or any product containing mercury: chemistry sets; fluorescent light bulbs -- long or curved; maze toys; old alkaline batteries purchased before 1990 – check expiration dates; thermometers (silver liquid in tube); vials or jars of mercury – sometimes on necklaces; miscellaneous trash; motor oil; paint – labeled recyclable and reusable latex and oil; scrap metal; and tires -- five tires only, under 400 pounds per tire.

So now is the time to start gathering everything you want to dispose of properly. Things that you can not bring are ammunition or explosives; asbestos materials; boats; compressed gas cylinders with valves; freon items; household hazardous waste; lawn mowers; medical waste/infectious material; medication; PCB ballasts; propane tanks; radioactive devices – fire/smoke detectors; aerosol paint cans; varnish and stain paint cans; unidentifiable paint cans; and 55 gallon drums.

You also need to know how to load your truck for easy unloading at the Trash Bash. According to the City of Lake Charles press release the order for participants loading disposable items into their vehicle or trailer should be as follows, from first to last: reusable items (clothing, sofas, other); scrap metal; electronics; trash; tires -- only five per car and under 400 pounds per tire; all battery types; oil and antifreeze; mercury; confidential papers (shredding), and paint. Paint should be the last item loaded and the first item that will come off the vehicle or trailer.

For more information contact: 491-1481.


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