We are the most watched generation ever! Cameras are in almost every retail outlet, restaurants, banks, schools and intersection. If you aren't careful you will find yourself on Google Earth. Ask the lady who was topless in her back yard in Florida a couple of years ago. With all of this in mind .... I wanted to pass along news of some helpful cams.


They are all over the place in Baton Rouge. I am talking about public access traffic cams. You can check them out before you leave home and plan your route accordingly. They even have a mobile app (sigalert) you can use to access the cameras. Lake Charles also has traffic cams. The problem is that they did not work when we went to try them here. They either said "image expired" or showed a night shot (at press time it is 2:24pm.)

Let's check them everyday and see how long it takes to get our traffic cams working. In the meantime ... I'll be working on my smile.