Each year, the folks at Redbox do a survey and they track which cities across the country rent the most romantic movies. Well, last year our fair city tied with Columbus Mississippi for that title.  We fell a few notches this year and we came in at #5, but we still made the cut to the top 10.

A few titles Lake Charles folks rented this year to land them in the top 10 include such movies as Me Before You, The Choice and The Perfect Match. I guess I'm not particularly romantic since I haven't seen any of these movies. Okay, let me be really honest and tell you that I haven't even heard of any of those titles.

If you're curious, Glendive, Montana took the top honors this year. I've never heard of the town, but apparently the folks there have little else to do but rent movies at the nearest Redbox kiosk. I mean where would one go for a romantic date in Glendive?

I checked out their website to see what I could learn and came up pretty much empty handed. I'm sure Glendive is a very nice community, but judging from their website it's not exactly loaded with things to do.

According to Redbox, here are the Top 5 most Romantic Cities in America

5. Lake Charles, Louisiana

4. Fairbanks, Alaska

3. Sherman, Texas

2. Columbus, Mississippi

1. Glendive, Montana


Let's get busy renting those romantic movies so we can reclaim the title!


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