One thing I love is having things to do and having friends come and visit us so that I can show them some different things that we have to offer. We have various events like Live at the Lakefront, various art displays including the Black Heritage Festival, and others. However, we tend to lose a lot of our traffic to Galveston and New Orleans for some of the fun activities that can include children.

Lake Area Adventures Lakefront

Well, today the announcement was made that there are some bigger things coming to Lake Charles and it will be happening on the Lake Front and will be something that can include the entire family. The new proposed site will be west of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Headquarters. There will be a satellite location for Paul's Ribshack. Port Wonder is joining Lake Area Adventures which has been around for over 5 years and also Crying Eagle which will bring great food and ambiance to the area. Lake Area Adventures will be offering boat and kayak rentals, water tours, pier fishing, and various other attractions for the entire family to enjoy. This is something that is needed to retain some of the money here in SWLA.

Lake Area Adventures 2

We can also expect to see a Children's Museum and a Science and Nature Center. This is going to be huge for Lake Charles and we will actually have some things that we can offer to local residents and also our visitors that come to the area.

Lake Area Adventures 3


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